The Ultimate Healthy Lighting


Directional and Color Control

Ario changes light direction and color dynamically throughout the day. You can customize Ario to your schedule.


Operates Automatically

Ario tracks time and remembers its settings, even without WiFi or power. It produces the right light the instant you switch it on.



Ario learns about you over time to provide the lighting you need. You do not need to worry about any complex set up. Ario keeps track of what you like.


Smart Home Integration

Ario integrates with other WiFi-connected home devices to make your life easier.


Mobile & Remote Access

Ario is cloud-connected, meaning you can control Ario from your phone app or web, anywhere in the world.


Long-Lasting & Energy-Efficient

Ario’s LEDs and excellent heatsink provide a 20+ year lifespan and up to 80% energy savings compared to incandescent lights.